Why is there suffering, death, evil and injustice in the world?

This world was not meant to be heaven. It is actually the second stage in our existence. The first stage was before we were in the womb when we were in another world known only to God. The next stage following this life is the life in the grave. The last stage God calls “The Lasting Home” which starts with the Day of Judgment.

The Trust that God offered us and we accepted is founded on the free will that we all know we have. The reason why there is evil and injustice in this world is that some of us choose them. We are capable of choosing goodness or evil. The choice of evil inevitably causes injustice and suffering.

Nothing happens, however, without God’s permission. God allows suffering to happen for a variety of reasons that are consistent with His comprehensive knowledge and fairness. Some suffering is a test of faith, other suffering is a punishment of sin. The suffering of others is a reminder to us of our own vulnerabilities and to be thankful to God for sparing us. The best way to express thanks to God is to alleviate suffering, correct injustice and fight evil.

The reason there is death is so we can transfer to the next life. We all will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment to stand trial before God for what we chose to do in this life.

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