Did Muhammad put adulterers to death?

There are hadeeths that state that, but many scholars have pointed out problems with those hadeeths that cast doubt on their authenticity.

Other scholars said that the Prophet (PBUH) stoned married adulterers of his own judgment, not by command from God, because that was the penalty in the Old Testament. The Prophet (PBUH) often did as the People of the Book do in matters in which He received no revelation from God. These scholars added that the Quran came to abrogate that ruling and correct it with Chapter 24.

IMHO, I do not believe that the Prophet (PBUH) would put someone to death, the ultimate and terminal penalty, based on his own opinion or judgment. I agree with the scholars who rejected or doubted the stoning hadeeths. I also agree that the Quran abrogates the Sunna but not the other way around. That should be obvious to everybody because of the relative authority of both, yet you will find scholars who said that the Sunna can abrogate the Quran! These scholars seem to forget that the Prophet (PBUH) made mistakes and the Quran corrected him with verses that we all read till this day.

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Stoning is the penalty for adulterers in the Torah, so why did Muhammad change it?

We do not know if stoning is the law of the Torah; it’s the law of the Old Testament. We do not know what the law of the Torah was because the Torah has been edited by the Jews. One of the purposes of the Quran is to restore the Torah. That’s why I’m inclined to believe that stoning was not the law of the Torah, because it is not the law of the Quran.

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